Our reason to be


To conserve the marine ecosystems of Costa Rica through Environmental Education, Research and the participation in management politics


Marine ecosystems are considered part of our national patrimony; they are preserved for their direct benefits to economy, their value for actual and future generations and for the climatic balance of the planet. Costa Ricans know marine natural sources and use them in a sustainable way.

Costa Rica is a country of water
Costa Rican territory is composed by an oceanic area 10 times bigger than its land area (580,000 Km2 against 52,100 Km2). The ocean generates countless biological, economical and social benefits and in its resources lays the future of the country.

Our marine mammals
PROMAR is a pioneer entity in the field of marine mammals in Costa Rica. It has revealed their existence, diversity and abundance at public, scientific and academic levels. Up to date, it contributes with valuable biological investigations valuable biological investigations related to this group.


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