Marine Educational Program

Why Marine Environments?

Over the last two decades, we Costa Ricans have been acquiring environmental awareness, as a result of diverse initiatives, which step by step have been entering people's minds, having incorporated in recent years, concepts about conservation and natural resource management in the different basic, medium and superior educational curricula.

This awareness has been focused particularly on the importance of our forests, and the terrestrial environments they belong to, which indirectly benefit our seas.However, the marine environments and fauna, as rich and diverse as the tropical forest, have not received the same specific attention and interest.

PROMAR has devoted itself to the task of disseminating and making the marine environments, their ecosystems and their inhabitants more accessible for the people, from an educational perspective of respect, equilibrium and identification with this part of the planet.

The Marine Educational Program (MEP), has been defined as a service to the general public, providing an option to live a different experience beyond the beach and the waves, with Marine Excursions and Diving Courses for an all-age public.

At the same time, it offers an exclusive modality for educational entities, though Marine Camps and Community Work, as a fun way of creating awareness. Lectures, audio-visual material and the field practices are customized to the appropriate level, in coordination with the professor in charge.

• The excursions and camps options take two or three days and are guided by a specialist in biology. They include visiting essential marine ecosystems and observing marine organisms.

• Diving courses include lectures and pool practices, as well as marine practices.

• Community Work options include 5 days/4 nights and cover an activity program, logistics and the guidance by a biologist of PROMAR, as well as representatives of National Parks and Universities. All the options offer the best security conditions in terrestrial transport as well as in marine transport, and excellent lodging and food conditions, too.

"El Océano en Nuestras Mentes"

The Ocean in Our Minds


Along 9 months of 2003, the Marine Educational Program (MEP) of PROMAR worked, along with La Pecera Producciones in the development of the 48-minute documentary “El Océano en Nuestras Mentes”.

This production was made with the purpose of showing the more common human conceptions related to different activities that take advantage of the sea and of revealing the accions associated to those conceptions, their consequences and the efforts made by different people and entities to work against those actions and to reach benefits for the ocean and its organisms.

It counted on the support of several national and international institutions, of professionals and of the general public in different areas of the country, who gave information, opinions and audiovisual material and contributed to show the reality we where intended to reveal.

The script of this production is based directly on the perspectives shown by Costa Ricans of different sectors, which were considered not only in the several segments of the documentary, but also in the three characters created for the story, who represent wisdom, inocence and lack of knowledge. Along the story, the latter changes into a conception of the ocean as MEP want it to be understood by the public.

The documentary is available for sale in format VHS (US$12) and DVD (US$14) i.v.i.

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