Costa Rican Marine Mammal Rescue Network

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What is it?

is a non-profit scientific and educational program established and coordinated by PROMAR and registered by Resolution No. 099-2000 of the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) for the whole country.

Since its creation in October 1997, it has been devoted to attend stranding and entanglement cases of dolphins and whales in both coasts of Costa Rica.

Its Results

Due to the fact that cetacean strandings had never before been studied in a systematic manner, a historical review was made which lead to a scientific article , with the purpose of creating a database about the subject in Costa Rica.

The results of this article were presented in the - 13th Biennial Conference of Marine Mammals .

From October 1998 to April 2004, CRMRN has been informed of 43 stranding cases on different beaches of the country, on the Pacific as well as on the Caribbean side. In total 83 individuals of 10 different species were involved, of which 56 were alive and 44 have returned to the sea. Five of the attended cases were directly related to fisheries.

Its importance

Almost all cetacean species are threatened, endangered or in some degree of diminishment. Cetaceans in Costa Rica are highly diverse, consisting of 35% of all the species of this Order on the planet.

CRMRN contributes to making efforts for the well-being of cetaceans, via direct care when found alive and their subsequent release, when health conditions allow it. From attending these animals, it is possible to get to know why cetaceans strand or get into fishing nets, this way building a bridge between people and cetaceans in a completely positive way for both, developing the awareness in humans of the effects of their actions on marine life and ecosystems.

Stranding cases documented by CRMRN


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